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Welcome to your home on the web!

Many older people feel that they may have been left behind by technology in this computer age. SeniorNet offers a way for you to “catch up” and take advantage of new skills. Communication with family and friends by email is becoming the norm these days. SeniorNet, therefore, aims to teach computer skills to the older person over the age of 55 years in an enjoyable and friendly way.

As part of the SeniorNet philosophy of “peer teaching”, members are tutored by other computer literate members in courses that range from a basic introduction to computers to programs such as word processing, databases, spreadsheets, email, and the internet. More advanced courses are also held such as Desktop Publishing, Image Manipulation, Scanning, and Digital Cameras. Learning in a non-threatening environment, in small groups, through “peer tutoring” and at a modest cost, is the focus of SeniorNet.

We cater for users of Windows 8 and Windows 10 computers and all Tablets, Laptops, and Smartphones.

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