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Summary of Main Courses Offered at SeniorNet Papakura

Bringing computer skills to the older person in the community.


Note: All course lessons are of 2 hours duration.There are prerequisite courses which must be completed from the start of your computer experience. Please read how you must complete Introduction to Computing, Word processing and File Management.

Before you continue, PLEASE CLICK HERE and read carefully

APPLE-MAC USERS please note that MS WORD and MS EXCEL courses are suitable for Mac users. We also conduct an "Introduction to the iPad" and other courses on various Apps such as "Pages - Word Processing". Please visit the "What's On" for Dates and Times. Most courses are offered each term and dependent on volunteer tutor availability.

PLEASE NOTE: All courses are offered are subject to change as the software version changes.

INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTING WINDOWS 8 or 10. Each a separate course of 3 Sessions, cost $15. They cover the basics from starting your computer, keeping it under control and finally closing down. These and other skills will make it easier to understand the computer and the programmes it uses. This course and MS Word Basic and File & Folder Management are prerequisites to most other courses.

WORD PROCESSING - MS WORD 2010 and onwards or KINGSOFT WRITER as separate courses - There are two levels BASIC and ADVANCED LEVEL - Fee $30 - 6 lessons
Having completed the Introduction course, this BASIC Word Processing course is a natural progression and a prerequisite to advance to further courses. Proceeding to the ADVANCED WORD PROCESSING level is optional.

FILE & FOLDER MANAGEMENT - For Windows 8 and Windows 10 - Fee $15 - 4 Lessons
This tutorial covers the orderly management your Files & Folders so you can find them later, and is a prerequisite to advance to further courses.

EMAIL (as a Tutorial) - each Fee $2 - single 2 hr session
This tutorial looks at the fundamentals of WINDOWS LIVE MAIL and MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD

INTERNET (as a Tutorial) - Fee $2 - single 2 hr session
Covering the basics of surfing the web with GOOGLE CHROME.

DATABASE - This course is run on request - Fee $30 - 8 lessons
A database is a necessity for those wishing to use their computers to maintain those vast amounts of detail from which precise information can be obtained. You will learn how to create a database, sort the records, and then select specific information to prepare reports.

SPREADSHEETS - MS EXCEL or KINGSOFT Spreadsheet - Fee $30 - 6 lessons
A spreadsheet is a useful tool to create a layout or table of information, such as a cash book. You will learn how to set up a spreadsheet, make calculations, create graphs and charts representing the data.

GENEALOGY - LEGACY or PAF - Fee $10 - 2 lessons
This is a short course to introduce the basics of researching family history and using the computer to store, edit, and print the family tree.

SCANNING - Fee $15 - 3 lessons
Covers the operation of getting the best out of your scanner, resolution of images and the transfer of pictures into emails etc.

A visual presentation course using MS POWERPOINT, for those wishing to make professional slide presentations of data and graphics. A course is also available for those using Kingsoft Presentation

SCRAPBOOKING - Fee $25 - 4 Lessons
Using Serif Digital Scrapbooking Artist or Creative Artist

GREETINGS CARDS - Fee $30 - 6 lessons
Using MS Word this course is designed for you to create your own greetings cards for those special occasions.

VINYL TO MUSIC CD - Fee $15 - 3 lessons
How to transfer those old favourite Vinyl LP records and Cassette Tapes to a CD. Using NCH GOLDEN RECORDS and the prerequisites are CD BURNING and FILE & Folder Management

OTHER WORKSHOPS AND TUTORIALS - A fee of $2 to $5 may be charged for note handouts.
These are held at regular intervals throughout any term. They are conducted in open forums for up to 20 attendees at any one time. Notification is through the Newsletter and on the Learning Centre Noticeboard. Registration is also made by signing the attendance list at the Learning Centre. Subjects covered include GOOGLE; TRADE ME; PHONE TEXT MESSAGING to mention a few. Watch the 'WHAT'S ON' page on the website for details.

MS WORD and MS EXCEL courses are suitable for Mac users.

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